Add power to your international business by setting up an offshore company in UAE


An UAE international company provides an inexpensive, low-tax corporate structure to carry on international business operations.


Among the features of an UAE international offshore company are the following:

  • There is no minimum capital requirement.
  • UAE offshore companies enjoy 100% tax/duty exemption.
  • 100% ownership is permitted.
  • These companies enjoy complete confidentiality.
  • Company setup is quick and simple.
  • Can open and operate multiple currency bank account in UAE.


ELISON INC. handles every aspect of setting up an offshore company. We understand your specific needs, give strategic inputs, work with you on your business plan, handle paperwork and documentation formalities - we do everything it takes.


ELISON INC.handles the details foryou, so you are free to concentrate on the bigger picture - your business.


Elison Inc.

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