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  1. Buyer sends LoI with Soft Probe Allowance to Seller not older than 3days of issuance.
  2. Seller sends Soft Offer to Buyer.
  3. Buyer issues an ICPO and sends it together with BCL to Seller not older than 3 days of issuance.
  4. Seller sends FCO to Buyer.
  5. Buyer signs and seals FCO (on each page) and returns to Seller.
  6. Seller submits the Draft Contract with full terms and conditions.
  7. Buyer signs, seals and returns contract to Seller.
  8. Seller signs, seals and returns contract to Buyer.
  9. Seller will send to Buyer via courier eight (8) hard copies of the final contract to buyer‘s address as stated in contract.
  10. Immediately upon receipt of the Seller‘s signed and sealed hard copies the buyer will sign and seal the hard copies and will send 6 hard copies back to Seller.
  11. Within 3 banking days after signing the contract (=step 8), Buyer will issue non-operative, confirmed financial instrument.
  12. Within 5 banking days Seller will send PoP (Bank-to-Bank / MT799)
  13. Seller issues Performance Bond of 2% of the monthly shipment value which activates the non-operative financial instrument.
  14. Delivery will start according to the contract.


In general please be aware of the following

  • Don‘t ask for photos! We are not a photo agency and photos proof nothing!
  • Don‘t ask for past performance as it says nothing about seller‘s ability to supply tomorrow!
  • Don‘t ask for  pricing without buyer‘s LoI or ICPO!
  • Don‘t ask for FCO without having a positive response to your buyer‘s LoI!
  • Don‘t believe that sending of a LoI automatically causes sending of a FCO or draft contract!
  • Don‘t think we have no other person beside you to talk to… (your inquiry is important to us, but it is NOT the only one we are busy with!)
  • Don‘t think that commodity deals of several hundred millions of Dollars are getting closed within minutes, hours or a day!
  • Don‘t start an inquiry by telling us “how much commission“ you have to get… (no contract closed—no commission—no discussion!)
  • Don‘t think that we can afford to chat with you on Skype for 30 minutes every day….
  • Don‘t submit blank letters or copy and paste LoI‘s without correct company information or LoI‘s which are older than 3 to 5 days. We will not work with them because they are useless.
  • Don‘t submit your LoI‘s on Saturday and then call us 12 hours later on Sunday asking if FCO is ready…. Our suppliers and we have private life as well… how about you?



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