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A/C Account
A/O Account Of
AAA Association of Average Adjusters
ADR EU agreement for international carriage of dangerous goods by road
AF Advance Freight (such as prior to shipment)
AMT Air Mail Transfer
AN Advice Note
ANF Arrival Notification Form
AP Additional Premium
ARAMCO Arabian American Oil Company
ASEAN Association of South East Asia Nations
ASSP Any Safe Suitable Port
ASWP Any Safe World Port
ATA Admission Temporaire - Temporary Admission
ATP Accorde Transports Perissable (european agreement on the international carriage of foodstuffs)
ATR Admission Temporaire Roulette - Temporary Admission on Wheels
AV freight rate based on value of goods shipped
AWB Air Way Bill

B/D Banker's Draft
B/E Bill of Exchange
B/L Bill of Lading
B/S Bill of Sale
BAF Bunkerage Adjustment Factor on shipping rates
BB Bill Book
BCL Bank Capability (or Comfort) Letter
BD Bond
BDI Both Days Inclusive
BF Back Freight for goods being returned to point of origin
BKG Breakage
BKGE Brokerage
BL Bulk Licence to cover a trading period, or value
BLCO Bonny Light Crude Oil
BLR Bank Letter of Readiness
BOND guarantee to customs for payment of duty or tax
BP Bills Payable
BR Bills Received
BS Bill of Sight used for Customs declaration when the importer is unable to furnish all documents

C of O Certificate of Origin, note there are several different types
C&D Collected & Delivered
C&E Customs & Excise
C&F Cost & Freight (not in INCOTERMS 1990)
C/I Consular Invoice/Certificate of Insurance
C/N Consignment Note, Cover Note
C/NEE Consignee
C/NOR Consignor
C/S Currency Surcharge
C/V Certificate of Value
C/VO Certificate of Value & Origin
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAD Cash Against Documents
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor for sea freight rates
CAP Common Agricultural Policy
CARICOM Caribbean Community
Carr Fwd Carriage Forward
CB Container Base
CBD Cash Before Delivery
cbm cubic metre
CC/O Certificate of Consignment/Origin
CCC Customs Clearance Certificate
CCCN Customs Co-Operation Council Nomenclature (formerly BTN Brussels Tariff Nomenclature)
CCM Caribbean Common Market
CD Customs Declaration
CDV Current Domestic Value
CE Community European - quality mark on goods
CEN European Standards Office
CET Central European Time
cf cubic feet
CFR Cost & Freight (named port of destination)
ch pd carriage paid
ch ppd carriage pre-paid
CHIEFS the UK Customs electronic system for both export and import transactions
CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight (named port of destination)
CIF & C Cost, Insurance, Freight & Commission
CIFC & I Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission & Interest
CIM Contract of movement by International Rail
CKD Completely Knocked Down
CMR Convention Merchandises Par Routes (conditions for the international carriage of goods by road)
CO or C/O Certificate of Origin, Cash Order
COD Cash On Delivery
COI Central Office of Information
COM/I Commercial Invoice
COMITEXTIL Co-Ordination Committee for the Textile Industry in the EU
COP Certificate Of Posting
CPA Claims Payable Abroad
CPD Charter Pays Dues
CPT Carriage Paid To (named destination)
CR Current Rate, Carriers Risk, Compound Risk
CRN Customs Registered Number
CT Community Transit
CTC Customs Tariff Code, now harmonised virtually world-wide
CTL Constructive Total Loss
CWO Cash With Order
CY Currency

D/A Documents against Acceptance, Days after Acceptance
D/N Debit Note/Despatch Note
D/O Delivery Order
D/P Documents against Payment, Direct Port
DAF Delivered At Frontier (named place)
DAN Deferment Account Number
DDP Delivered Duty Paid
DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid
DEPS Departmental Entry Processing System
DEQ Delivered Ex Quay (named port of destination)
DES Delivered Ex Ship (named port of destination)
DFT Draft
DGN Dangerous Goods Note, they vary according to transport mode
DK Dock
DS Days after Sight
DWT Dead Weight Tonnage
DY or DELY Delivery

E&OE Errors & Omissions Excepted
ECA Economic Co-operation Administration
ECE Economic Commission for Europe
ECI Export Consignment Identifier
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDP Electronic Data Processing
EEU European Economic Union
EFTA European Free Trade Area
EIA European Information Association
EIS Export Intelligence Service
EOHP Except as Otherwise Herein Provided
EOM End Of Month
EOTA European Organisation for Technical Approvals
EOTC European Organisation for Testing & Certification
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival/European Technical Approvals
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETS Estimated Time of Sailing
EU European Union
EX Examined, Exchanged, Executed, Excluding, out of
EXD Examined
EXW Ex Works (named place)

F&D Freight & Demurrage
FAA Free of All Average
FAC Forwarding Agents Commission
FAK Freight of All Kinds
FAS Free Alongside Ship (named place)
FCA Free Carrier (named place)
FCL Full Container Load
FCO Franco
FCO Full Corporate Offer
FCR Freight Forwarders Certificate of Receipt
FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association
FIB Free In Bunker
FIO Free In and Free Out
FIW Free In Wagon
FO Firm Order
FOB Free On Board (named port)
FOC Free Of Charge
FOD Free Of Damage
FOR Free on Rail (no longer INCOTERMS 90)
FOT Free On Truck (no longer INCOTERMS 90)
FOV Free On Vehicle
FP Floating open cover marine insurance Policy
FP-C Flash Point Celcius
FR Freight Release
FRANCO FREE all charges paid to arrival (on a named destination)
FTA Freight Transport Associations (or) Free Trade Agreements

GA General Average
GA CON General Average Contribution
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, now known as WTO (World Trade Organisation)
GRS WT Gross Weight
GRT Gross Registered Tonnage
GSP Generalised System of Preferences
GV Grand Vitesse (express train)

HAWB House AirWay Bill
HL Heavy Lift

I/L Import License
IATA International Air Transport Association
IB Invoice Book
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
ICB International Container Depot
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
ICD Inland Clearing Depot
ICPO Irrevocable Corporate Purchasing Order
ICS International Chamber of Shipping or Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
ID Import Duty
IFF Institute of Freight Forwarders
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMO International Marine Organisation
IPR Inward Processing Relief
IRC International Reply Coupon
IRD Inland Rail Depot
ISO International Standards Organisation

L/C Letter of Credit
LAFTA Latin American Free Trade Organisation
LASH Lighter Aboard Ship
LCL Less than full Container Load
LDG Loading
LEC Local Export Clearance
LO/LO Lift On/Lift Off
LOI Letter Of Intent (to buy)
LOR Letter Of Readiness

MAWB Master AirWay Bill
MCD Miscellaneous Cash Payment
MD Malicious Damage
MIP Marine Insurance Policy
MR Mates Receipt
MT Mail Transfer
MT Metric Tonnes

N/T Net Terms
NAFTA North American Free Trade Area
NCNDA Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement
NCV No Commercial Value
NEI Not Elsewhere Included
NES Not Elsewhere Specified
NET WT Net Weight
NNPC Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
NOR Notice of Readiness
NSSN National Standard Shipping Note

O/A On Account of
O/C Open Cover/Open Charter/Over Charge
O/D On Demand (or) Overdrawn
O/O Order Of
O/R Owner's Risk
OAU Organisation of African Unity
OECD Organisation for European Co-operation & Development
OGL Open General Licence
OPB Operative Performance Bond
OPR Outward Processing Relief
ORD Order
OSI Open Systems Interconnection (Computer Standards)
OTAR Overseas Tariffs And Regulations

P/A Private Account, Particular Average, Power of Attorney
P/C Private Current, Percent
PB Performance Bond
per pro on behalf of
PIRA Packing Industry Research Association
PKD Partially Knocked Down
PL Partial Loss
PLA Port of London Authority
PO Post Office
POA Place Of Acceptance
POD Proof Of Delivery
POF Proof Of Funds
POP Proof Of Product, Proof Of Purchase
Post Entry UK customs export declaration up to 14 days after shipment
PR Parcel Receipt
QTY Quantity

RHA Road Haulage Association
RN Removal Note
RO/RO Roll-On/Roll-Off
RWA Ready, Willing and Able

S/N Shipping Note
SAD Single Administrative Document
SAE Stamped Addressed Envelope
SB Short Bill, payable on demand or sight
SBLC StandBy Letter of Credit
SCP Simplified Customs Procedure (UK exports only)
SD Sight Draft, Short Delivery
SDBL Sight Draft, with Bill of Lading attached
SDR Special Drawing Rights
SGS Pre-Shipment Inspection Company Based in Switzerland
SITC Standard International Trade Classification
SITPRO Simplification of International Trade Procedures Board
SLCO Saudi Light Crude Oil
SOB Shipped On Board
SR&CC Strike Risk & Civil Commotion
stet no change
SWIFTAIR dedicated courier service operated by the Post Office (Royal Mail)
SWL Safe Working Load

TARE weight of a container without goods
TIR Transport Internationale Routiers
TL Total Loss
TMO Telegraphic Money Order
TQ Tariff Quota
TT Telegraphic Transfer
TURN Trader Unique Reference Number (renamed DAN number)

U/D Under Deck
U/W Underwriter
ULD Unit Load Device, container used in air freight
UN United Nations
UNCTAD the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

VAT Value Added Tax

W/M Weight or Measure, basis for sea freight rates
WA With Average
WB WayBill, Warehouse Book
WPA With Particular Average
WR Warehouse Receipt
WRO War Risks Only
WTO World Trade Organisation (formerly GATT)

YAR York Antwerp Rules (used in marine insurance)


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